perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

Portaat? Stairs?

Sammakoiden taloa suunnitellessa juuduin  portaikko kysymykseen.
Täytyyhän talossa olla portaat! Erilaisten visioiden kautta päädyin tällaiseen kierreporras ideaan. 
Toinen mielenkiintoinen idea on Hissi! Miten tehdä toimiva hissi? 

When designing the whole idea of the Frogs house I got stuck into the question of the staircase. There is need for the stairs! With many different visions in my mind I ended up with this spiral staircase idea.
Another interesting idea is the elevator! How to make a working elevator?

10 kommenttia:

  1. Komeat portaat! Mielenkiinnolla jään odottelemaan hissiratkaisua =)

  2. Hei Kikka,
    Olen ehdottomasti rakastan portaat. Tiedän, että monet ihmiset eivät laita ne nukkekoteja tilan säästämiseksi, mutta minulle ne ovat yksi suosikkini asioita ... niin tosielämässä ja pienoiskoossa!kierreportaat sinulla on kuva näyttää kauniilta jopa ilman ramppia. Mielestäni sammakko henkilö tykkää samoin;)
    Iso hali,

  3. I like your stairs! When I made a Barbie dollhouse as a child, I made a working elevator using a cardboard box and a string for a pulley. ;-) xo Jennifer

  4. An elevator??? What a gorgeous idea! Although your spiral staircase looks great too. Nevertheless I must confess the thing I would think of when it comes to stairs in a frog house would be a ladder... you know that kind the weather frogs have in their glasses... ;O)


  5. The stairs are magnificent! I do not know if the frogs would have patience for an elevator ;-) Besides they may want to perch on a rail to ponder things as frogs do *GRIN*
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Hotelli Maulanlinnassa on hissi toteutettu näin:

  7. I think your spiral staircase is perfect! It takes up less space than straight stairs and looks more elegant in my opinion.
    Kind regards, Brian.

  8. I love your stairs it is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Hi Kikka, Well I had never really thought about how a frog would get up the stairs . maybe jump perhaps! LO
    Great spiral staircase! Lucky frog
    Hugs Lynn

  10. I love the spiral staircase! If you figure out an elevator, please let me know!! My children want an elevator for their dollhouse. I did something with a string and a box in a chute (and a weight on the end of the string), but it doesn't work that well - although they still sometimes use it. I also garbage-picked an elevator from a barbie dollhouse that had been thrown out, but I haven't figured out yet how to use it. Can't wait to see more of the house!