tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

Sunflowers and Frogs. Auringonkukkia ja Sammakoita.

There was an information leaflet in our mailbox about a package, I should pick it up from the Post-office.  It was the Parcel from Sans ! Wow! She did sent some blog-friends her Van Gogh Sunflowers  for celebrating the Day 365, I was one of those lucky ones to get her flowers! :)
These Sunflowers are so sunny, I think they brought here some of the sunshine and warm weather from the country where Sans lives!  I Love Sunflowers! 
"Like a single 
on a summer day
There is an
exuberance brilliance
in a Sunflower."
And the Frogs... Yes, she did sent me these G o r g e o u s  FROGS also...
I will tell you more about them in my other Blog

 If you don`t know Sans and her wonderful blog: 
The Dollhouse Diaries: My Maharaja`s Palace, please have a visit by clicking the link!
 Thank You Sans Thank You!

Postilaatikossamme oli postiauton jättämä viesti siitä, että minulle on paketti Postitoimistossa. Se oli Sans`lta! Vau ! 
Hän lähetti joillekin Blogi -ystävilleen Van Gogh Auringonkukkiaan 365 Päivän juhlan vuoksi ja minä olen yksi näistä onnellisista! Nämä Auringonkukat ovat todella aurinkoisia, luulenpa, että ne toivat mukanaan osan Sans`n kotimaan auringonpaisteesta ja lämmöstä! Auringonkukat ovat ihania!
"Samaa kuin yksittäisessä
yltäkylläisen loistokkaassa

Niin... hän lähetti minulle myös nuo upeat  Sammakot..
Kerron teille enemmän niistä toisessa Blogissani.
Jos et vielä tunne Sans`a ja hänen hienoa Blogiaan 
The Dollhouse Diaries: My Maharaja`s Palace, käy tutustumasssa!

Kiitos Sans Kiitos !  

10 kommenttia:

  1. Hai ricevuto dei bellissimi girasoliche ricordano quelli del quadro, proprio un ottimo lavoro!Un abbraccio Manu

  2. Hi Kikka, you have received some gorgeous van Gogh sunflowers of Susan :D! I also read this blogpost on her blog. Sans! is such a darling blog friend, it is so kind of her to sent you some frogs too :D! Enjoy it all!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Congratulations! Your sunflowers and frogs are fantastic! Sans! is such a doll! xo Jennifer

  4. The sunflowers are fabulous! Ah, the frogs....fantastic!
    Bye, Faby

  5. What a lovely picture you took of everything :). I meant to send you an email about those frogs but well, since I am here, I will just tell you here. These frogs are Chinese feng shui money frogs.They are very specifically styled like them sitting on a bunch of coins and in their mouths are coins as well. There are some rules about where you must place them if you want fortunes to come rolling but I am not a big fan of this kind of rules ..teehee :).

    I have been wanting to give you these frogs for some time Kikka as I know you collect them :) . I was a little concerned that you might have these Chinese fortune frogs already as they are so common here. I figured though that they may not be so common where you are :). I hope they add a bit of glitter (teehee) to your already very impressive collection :).

  6. O, I love that little poem :). Thank you!

  7. Que bellos regalos de Sans!
    Las ranas son increíbles y los girasoles, que suerte has tenido.
    Un abrazo

  8. Ihania kukkasia ja niin söpöjä sammakoita!
    Aurinkoista kevättä!

  9. Isn't Sans a very special, kind and generous friend? I love the sunflowers and money frogs. I also love the sunflowers song.
    Have a wonderful spring begining with these flowers.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Enhorabuena por esos fantasticos girasoles y esa preciosa rana.
    Susan es un cielo de persona.
    besitos ascension